Walk in the park

I know this outfit is more autumn than summer, but I absolutely love it! This is my favorite skirt to wear all year around and it’s so easy to combine with other items! We went to the park to have my first outfit shoot!

Top: H&M | Skirt: NewYorker | Hat: Ebay | Shoes: Primark

It was such a lovely day to have a walk in the park! It was not raining and the sun was actually out, which is kinda rare here in the Netherlands. So I decided to call a friend and have a little bit of outdoor time. We also decided to get some icecream at our favorite icecream parlor, which was delicious as always! My friend was also so kind to take these pictures of me and I love how they came out!

I do realise that this outfit has a bit of an autumn vibe while it’s summer, but I just absolutely love this burgundy colour with this black skirt! I had to make it my first outfit post. This really is my go-to outfit when I don’t know what to wear, after all.

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