A new adventure begins!

Let’s start this new adventure! I am actually starting my very own personal blog! For a long while I have wanted a blog.. I thought it would be nice to start with introducing myself, so that you know the girl behind the blog!

My name is Angela and currently I am 24 years old. I live in the Netherlands, which can be either rainy or sunny or anything in between. I read a lot, watch a lot of tv series, walk around town or randomly travel somewhere. There are a lot of things I enjoy doing! I have a boyfriend for almost four years already. What else can I tell about myself? Well, I can be a little bit ‘weird’. I also have a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia. I study to be a social worker and am in my exam year right now.. Even though I am writing this in the summer vacation… I hope to graduate this year and help many people with their problems in my future job!

What can you find on this blog? Well, quite a few things actually! I didn’t want a blog on which I only post my outfits, which will happen anyway. But I also wanted to post things about myself, what I thing about and many more. So in short: I think this blog will be more of a personal & lifestyle blog! I am planning to post at least one or two articles a week. I didn’t want to start too high, so I decided on this low number of posts. That way I don’t have to force myself. It’ll probably become more the longer I have this blog!

I think that is about it.. I hope you’re going to enjoy this blog!


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