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I love to travel and Berlin has been on my wishlist for quite a while. Finally, in September I got the chance to go! Yay! I went on a three day city trip with some friends and we really had a marvelous time!

I had already looked up a whole lot about Berlin and knew exactly what I wanted to visit. I went with my boyfriend and four other friends. We had two full days and an afternoon to go out and discover the city. We sure made really good use of our time there. One of my friends made a whole plan for those days and another friend had a walk through the city.

We pretty much traveled everywhere with public transport, which was really convenient! I can’t believe the public transport in Germany was this good! We were never late and the vehicles were pretty comfortable (Unless you had to stand). It also gave us a great view of the city as we traveled to the different locations.

The first day we decided to visit the Museum Island of Berlin. I personally really love museums and a city trip isn’t complete without visiting at least one of these! It really has a lot of museums near each other, which makes it really easy to visit them! If you want to read more about the Berlin Museum Island, click here! There was a lot to see, from modern art to greek statues and beautiful paintings. There are six museums and we visited five of them (then the day was already over!). Time sure went pretty fast that day. In the evening we decided to get a Wiener Snitzel, which was really big and covered about 75% of my plate.

The second day we decided to go for that walk around the city. We sure got to see some of the highlights in this beautiful city! I made plenty of pictures and we also made plenty of kilometres. Since we went in the middle of the year (instead of the actual traveling season) the streets weren’t as crowded as I expected them to be. We visited lots of different buildings, like the Reichstag building.

Since we made an appointment at the Reichstag Building we got take the elevator to the roof and climb the glass building that was on top of it! Here’s a picture of the inside. You could look all the way down, which was really impressive!

One thing I noticed was that Berlin had a lot of statues, which were all really pretty! In front of most buildings and just randomly on the streets. They really added to the atmosphere of the city and made walking through it wáy more interesting!

We also visited the East Side Gallery, which was also incredibly impressive. It was a very long walk, but we walked along the entire wall. We saw every painting and a lot of street vendors. But I am very happy that we went, because it was a place that I really wanted to visit for a long while already.

Oh yeah, I also finally got to try the McRib, which we don’t have here in the Netherlands. So it was one of those things I just really wanted to try! My boyfriend really loved it, I thought it had too much BBQ sauce. At least now I get to say that I tried it, yay!

On the last day we got to visit Checkpoint Charlie, which was really impressive to me. Just think about the fact that many people died right there on that spot while trying to cross the boundaries.. It’s really weird to walk there and know that, to realise that. If you’re ever in Berlin I really reccomend visiting that place.


That was my visit to Berlin! I had a great time and I really reccomend you to visit this pretty city. Or did you visit already? What was your favorite place to visit? Let me know in the comments below.

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