My weekend schedule

My weekend schedule

I recently posted my weekday schedule. I thought it would be nice to post my weekend schedule as well! Since I’m having the day off then, it’s different from my weekday schedule.

10.00 AM – Waking up
My alarm is set for 10 o’clock. This way I don’t oversleep and I wake up at a reasonable time. This way I can still do something with the day. If I sleep in too much I wake up somewhere in the afternoon and for me that’s way too late.

10.30 AM – Coffee
Yes, coffee again! I did tell you in my weekday schedule it’s part of my morning! I can’t eat breakfast when I have just woken up. So I’ll drink my coffee instead.

11.00 AM – Shower
Well, this pretty much explains itself. Around 11 o’clock I take a shower. Or a bath. Whatever I feel like at that moment.

11.30 AM – Do something for myself
Probably watch a movie, read a book or watch a series. I do these things the most when I am having some time for myself. Sometimes I also play a game, either on the pc, a card game or a board game. Do people actually still play board games? Well, I do!

1.00 PM – Lunch
At lunch time I’m not that nauseous anymore so I actually get to eat some lunch. Usually I eat a light lunch, because my stomach is very sensitive. I have to be careful with lactose, since I can’t handle it that well. But well, I have to eat something through the day. I usually have some crackers with something on it, an egg, a smoothie or something like that. Like every person it depends on what I am having the munchies for!

1.30 PM – Do something for myself
And then it’s time to do something for myself again. In the weekends I’m usually with my boyfriend so we do something together. Sometimes we go into the city, watch a movie together.. Anything really. I just love spending time with my boyfriend!

6.00 PM – Dinner
Yay! Dinner time! Kinda explains itself, right?

7.00 PM – Do something for myself, again!
Sometimes I do something alone; read a book, watch a series, anything really. Other times I do something together with my boyfriend. It depends what I feel like I am up for and stuff.

10.30 PM – Read a book / Go to bed
Just as with the weekdays, I try to read a book around 10.30 or 11 o’clock. In the weekends I go to bed a little bit later, so this one really varies. Sometimes it’s early and sometimes it can be after midnight. It all depends on my energy level that day, how much I did, stuff like that.

So, that’s pretty much my schedule for the weekends. This one is based on days that I don’t have an event, go out with friends, or anything like that. This is really based on those weekends where I stay at home / stay over at my boyfriends. What is your schedule like?

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