My weekday schedule

My weekday schedule

My weekday might be a little bit different than that of the most people. Some people might go out in the evenings, I rather just stay at home. But here’s my schedule for weekdays!

6.00 AM – Waking up
Somewhere around 6.oo in the morning I wake up for either school or my internship. It takes me a while to actually be able to get out of bed. I usually wake up with pain in my joints or musscles. So I really need to stretch before I am able to get out of bed. My brain is also kinda foggy when I wake up and it takes me about 3 snoozes to be awake enough to sit up straight and get out.

7.00 AM – Coffee
In the mornings I am very nauseous so I can’t eat breakfast. However I can have my coffee and I will have it for sure! I usually have one of two cups of coffee before brushing my teeth.

7.30 AM – Getting Ready
It’s time to brush my teeth, do my make-up and choose what I will wear that day. My clothing heavily depend on the weather, actually. I need to be warm, because cold weather really effects my musscles. It makes them hurt. My make-up is usually pretty minimum because I want it to be easy to touch up. My hair is usually either in a ponytail or loose or in two braids. So yeah, that’s the getting ready part.

8.00 AM – Public transport
Around 8 I hit the public transport. I don’t have my drivers liscense yet (but I do want it really badly!) so I’m really dependent on Public Transport.

So here is where it gets a little bit difficult. I go to school two days a week and have internship three days a week.

8.30 AM – School starts
So school starts at 8.30 and it lasts untill 12.00. I have half days of school because I simply can’t hold on eight hours a day, five days a week. I choose to be able to actually go for five days, but go for the two half days option. This way I get the extra rest I need.

9.30 AM – Internships start
So, my internship starts at 9.30 and goes on untill 5.00 PM. It’s tiresome but I really like doing it! I give workshops to both kids and adults about recycling and being creative with ‘garbage’ which isn’t actually garbage and can be reused in many ways!

1.00 PM – I get home (schoolday)
On schooldays I’m home around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I usually take another cup of coffee, because Baby I love my coffee!

2.00 PM – Nap (schoolday)
On schooldays I get the chance to have a little extra nap. Some people find it weird that I still need naps at 24 years old but well, I simply need it!

2.30 PM – Do something for myself (schoolday)
The rest of the day I do stuff for myself. Probably some reading, watching a movie, watch netflix the entire afternoon, drink even more coffee and just relax for a little bit.

6.00 PM – I get home (Internship day)
I get home around 6 o’clock on my intership days. It’s been a long day and I usually take the rest of the evening to rest up a little bit.

6.30 – Dinner time!
Finally, it’s time for dinner! I don’t cook often (just yet) because I still live at home.

7.00 – Do something for myself
It’s time for netflix, a book or a movie again! I usually lay in bed, in my pyjama’s and just relax a little bit more.

22.30 – Read a bit
I try to read a bit every day. It helps me to have a better sleeprythm, because I kinda suck at having one. Not staring at a screen really improves my sleeping habits! So I really reccomend this to everyone.

23.00 – Sleep
I try to get some sleep around the same time every day. Usually this is somewhere around 11 o’clock or 11.30. Truth be told it can take a long while before I finally fall asleep.

This is a quick peek at my daily schedule! This is what works best for me and how I deal with my daily stuff. What is your daily schedule like?

18 thoughts on “My weekday schedule”

    • Waking up at 6 o clock is very difficult and most of the time it’s hard to get out of bed. But if you get in bed a little earlier it should be less difficult to do ~ Good luck with getting into that habbit!

    • For me the nap is neccesary, otherwise I won’t make it through the day and crash (I’m chronically ill). The nap is soooo nice <3. Maybe you can take a nap when you come home from school/internship/work? Just 10 minutes is already great!

    • My internship is really fun! Maybe I will make a blogpost about it somewhere soon. Yeah.. Once I’m done with school I’m probably going to start later. 🙂 Because 6am is véry early and very hard to do.

  • I love naps, I nap after school if I just can. I don’t eat breakfast either but instead two cups of coffee. Nice way to wake up slowly :). You have a good routine on your days, do you feel more productive also on weekends?

  • Looks like you have such a busy schedule, don’t think you have much time to rest…except for the half hour nap which we think is not enough…and in between everything you blog as well! So kudos to you.

  • Love reading about daily routines!

    I always try to get into a early morning routine, but as soon as I’m there, I get a late shift at the cafe/bar I help out at, go to sleep at 3 am, and my routine is a mess again. :’)

  • I’ve been trying to get in a better habit of waking up early myself! Although I’m out of Uni I suppose I should get myself together hehe. I loved this post it reminds me of when I was in school, so much to do in one day!!! Keep up the fabulous writing xx

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