June 29, 2019

My July Goals

Personally, I think it’s great to work with small goals every month. They help to motivate me and have direction. Every month I’ll share my monthly goals with you and review the goals of the former month & how I did on them.

01. Get back into a workout routine

Last summer I got myself a workout routine and managed to stick with it until winter came. Since then I haven’t done a single workout. Shame on me! I really should get back into it, as it is good for body and mind. I’ll be making a basic workout routine and try to stick with it for the duration of July.

02. Create a summer bucket list

I love working with lists as they give me a clear overview of what I want to do. I am a very messy person who is easily distracted, so lists help me to focus! Every year I make a summer bucket list of things I really want to do that summer. They give me the opportunity to get the most out of life.

03. Meditate every morning

As I already said: I am a messy person who is easily distracted. This especially goes for the mornings! Lately, I felt the need to calm my thoughts down and start my day in a more relaxed manner. So I’ve decided to meditate every morning, after my morning coffee of course! At least, I am going to try to!

04. Comment on other blogs more

Interaction is so very important. I love to support other bloggers out there. For that, I need to comment on other blogs, so naturally one of my goals is to do this more often. I want to comment on one blog every day at the very least.

05. Try and stay committed to this blog

Of course, this one had to be on this list! I started my blog in the last week of June, so one of my goals this month is to stay committed to this blog! I want to publish at least one post a week, preferably three posts a week to keep it updated regularly.

Those are my five goals for the month of July. I’ve decided to stay with five goals, as I think setting too many goals can be overwhelming. Five seems to be the perfect amount of goals for me as I can really stay focused but am still being challenged by them.

I would love to know your goals for the month of July! Anything big you’re working on or do you have small goals, like I do?

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