Being chronically ill

Being chronically ill

I am chronically ill and it’s a big part of my life. Since I’ll be blogging about a lot of personal things on this blog I thought it would be handy to write a little article about this!  That way you guys can read about it. 

Let’s first start with explaining what I actually have. I have a couple of diseases that make my life just a little bit more difficult. They make it difficult to go to school a full five days a week for example, to go out on the weekends, go to themeparks or even simple things like walk the stairs.  I’ll try to explain my diseases to you guys.

This is the disease that causes me the most pain, which is why I am telling you about this one first. Fibromyalgia is a disease that causes fatigue, musscle pain, joint pain, trouble with sleeping, low pain-treshold and a problem with concentrating (Also called Fibro Fog or Brain Fog). It has many more symptoms that come with it, but these are the main ones. Sadly enough there is no cure, but it’s managable with medication, regular exercize (This has to happen at the Physiotherapist), food supliments and lots of rest.

This one is just annoying, really. I mean, having trouble breathing sucks big time. I have the chronic variant, just saying. And the one where it just hurts like hell when you exercise (goes great with the Fibro treatment!). But it’s perfectly managable with medication luckily!

Hyperventilation Syndrome
I don’t only have Asthma.. My lungs decided to be a real pain in the ass and develope Hyperventilation Syndrome as well. It’s basically that when I stress I have this really fast breathing that mostly result in having trouble with breathing. In my case this also means having a Asthma Attack to deal with.

Irritatable Bowel Syndrome
Okay, this is probably the least of my troubles actually. It simply means I have trouble going to the toilet (real talk, sorry!) and that I have a lot of stomachpain that I have to deal with. But I’ve got medication just in case so it’s all good.

Irregular Blood Sugar
Luckily, I am not diabetic. But my blood sugar isn’t a real party either. I’m on the watch list for diabetic, so they’re checking it every six months or so. I’m happy that they are checking it regulary. Shaking, sweating, a lot of toilet visits, extreme hunger or thirst, dizziness. Sometimes it’s difficult to know if it’s either a high or low bloodsugar but usually I figure it out somehow.

Well, I think this will be my most infomation filled post I’m going to post on here, but now you have an idea what is going on in my life! Thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “Being chronically ill”

  • I think it’s absolutely brave that you are totally okay with sharing it with all your readers. We all have some problems,I do have many as well and it just shows that you are not alone and there’s always someone to talk to. Who understands xx

    • We indeed all have our problems! Mine are a big part of my life and I’ll be blogging about my life and personal experiences. So I felt like there had to be a post with some information. Thank you for being really sweet <3

  • Wow that’s a lot to go through! You’re so strong to live life through something like this! I know a lot about all of those illnesses, especially fibromyalgia since doctors thought for a full year that I had it (it was actually just arthritis in multiple areas of my body and a severe form of scoliosis that was hitting nerves as well). But I shall pray for you and thank you for sharing!

    PS you are BEAUTIFUL!

    • Neither Arthritis and Scoliosis are easy to deal with either. We all have our problems to deal with. You’re brave and beautiful <3 I hope you get better.

  • Wow you go through so much! I need to rethink when so moan about being sick because most of my sicknesses aren’t long term.
    I have asthma but it has lay dormant for a few years. I just hope it never resurfaces!

    Keep fighting Angie


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