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The Netherlands is back in an almost-full lock down but that certainly is not going to stop me from dressing up! So, I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses; this Dolly & Dotty Tulip dress!

Outfit rundown | Dress: Dolly & Dotty | Cardigan: Banned

Also, I cut my own bangs because the barbers are closed. They grow so fast! It’ll take some getting used to, sitting inside and not being able to just go to the store if we’re missing something. Of course, we have been careful this entire time. But still, it feels so limited!

There will be a lock down until January 19th. Which means I will not be able to celebrate my birthday, at all. Of course it’s a bit of a letdown. But let’s be honest here, I do understand the necessity of this lock down. I am still going to put on a pretty dress though. This lock down won’t stop me!

This dress is actually sleeveless, so I tend to wear it with a pink or green cardigan most of the time. Honestly, it gives the whole dress quite a different look to wear it without a cardigan. Still, I’m in love with it!

So, are you still dressing up in these difficult times?

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