How I deal with exam stress

How I deal with exam stress

Right now I am in the middle of my exams and it’s been a struggle juggling my social life, my blog and my exams. It brings a lot of stress with it and this is how I deal with it! After all; I’m not the only one dealing with exam stress right now.

Plan your studies beforehand
This one is so important: Most of my stress comes from starting too late. This causes such a big stress for me, that it really effects me and everything I do. So my biggest tip for everybody dealing with exam stress is plan! If you know that a essay is due in a month or maybe two, just start already! First two periods of my exams I didn’t plan at all and just winged it. Don’t be like me and please plan! It caused me so much stress and at one point I was so far behind and way over my head in work.

Do things you love
Don’t forget; Doing things you love is very important too! I regulary take breaks to watch netflix, some youtube, read a book, write a blogpost, do anything I like to do and which relaxes me. Even when you’re in the middle of your exams your body still needs to relax from time to time. So doing things you love is so important!

Listen to music
I just told you guys about doing things you love and how relaxing is so important for you. For me personally music really helps with this. I made a playlist on spotify with the songs that help me relax! Maybe they can help you too. Please tell me in the comments if they help you. Or if you know a song that should be on this list, please share it with me!

Play and cuddle with my dogs
I live with my aunt and she has two lovely dogs. They are very stupid but very lovable. Hugging and playing with these two after a full day of studying and stressing really helps me out the most of all the things on this list. There just is something about the love of an animal that warms me up inside and manages to push away all the stress I have been feeling. I just feel a great amount of love and cuddle all my worries away!

Get out of the house
While studying there always comes a point where I feel trapped in my own room and in my own house. I just need to get out, no matter what. So when this feeling comes over me I always go out. Even if it’s only a short walk around the block, a quick run to the city of calling a friend if she wants to go to the cinema with me. It doesn’t matter what I am going to do, as long as I am outside the house at that moment.

Lately the stress is becoming too much for me so I picked up the habit of meditating at least twice a week. At first I tried meditating once a day, but then I got stressed because I didn’t have time to meditate! Now that didn’t quite worked out the way I wanted it to, now did it? Anyway, I made myself a promise I would meditate but narrow it down. In the end I ended up with two times a week. It helps me to clear my mind and it is just a great feeling!

These are the things I do to reduce my stress levels while I am doing my exams. I hope they will help you too! If you have any more tips on how the reduce exam stress please share them below! Now, if you excuse me I have a essay due in a month and I want to get started beforehand! That’s help with the stress!

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