Fibrofiles February

Fibrofiles February

February is over and that means it’s time for another Fibrofiles! It certainly was a way better month than january had been. A little warning ahead: FibroFiles is a series of monthly posts in which I am very honest about my Fibromyalgia and the other chronic diseases I have.

We started where we left off last month. My hypermobility sundrome is still causing my joints to pop out of their sockets. But this month I am dealing with it a lot better. I know how to pop them back in and I’ve gained a subtility in this. I can swiftly pop it back in and go on with my business as soon as the pain has gone down! I had some bad days, in which my musscles hurt too much to get out of bed and I feel like I didn’t sleep at all. But those were limited this week. My fever stayed down, my headache was gone. These are a few of the things that went wáy better than in january. The fact that I didn’t had like three holidays the former month (Let’s face it, the fact that both christmasdays and newyears are within a week doesn’t help my cause) also really helped.

The second week I got sick again. It’s the thing about having a lesser imume system; as soon as anything is swirling around you’ll catch it. It lasted a week and then it was gone. I mostly puked everything out I ate but other than that I was pretty fine. Just tired and dehydrated from puking. I slept a lot this week and just kept a low profile. I did some school work, wrote some blogposts so I could begin posting two times a week (which is my goal starting this month) and I was really satisfied with myself. Even though I was feeling very sick I still managed to get work done. It makes me feel good about myself, yay!

Third week wasn’t a disaster either. I think balancing the things out that I do really helps with how I feel. When I have an incredibly busy month I’ll be very stressed and in result feel sick. But this month I didn’t had a lot of stress-inducing things to do. So it certasinly helped! Though, I did have my Math Exams this week. I’m very bad at math and it caused a bit of stress. Especially when school decided I was not on the list of exam candidates. Well, thanks school! Just what I needed; Stress, just now it was going well. I dealt with it but had to deal with the aftermath. Stress causes a sort of strain on my body that causes pretty much everything to act up. From pain in my hands, to headache and just feeling way too tired. I also still had to go to my internship, which was a bit hard. I just arranged that I didn’t get jobs too hard for me and managed just fine. I slept a lot that week again. Sometimes it’s difficult to accept what a little bit of stress can do to me.

The rest of the month I still felt very tired and slept a whole lot. When I came home from school I took naps and even when I came home from my internship I take some naps. I just needed my sleep and my time to get my head around it all. Sleep is very important in these kind of moments. The rest of the month I took my time calming down and canceled all of my appoinments. I just didn’t feel like going out in the evenings. Sometimes you need to accept that it’s something you can’t do. Balancing things out is very important and it’s something I’m still learning.

All in all my month had been better than last month. I’ve had some bad days and balance was the word of the month. But I managed just fine! Let’s hope March will be even better, especially when the weather will improve even more!

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  • I can’t find proper words to express how I felt while I was reading your post. You’re definitely one of the strongest people I’ve ever met! Glad to hear that February was better than January and I really hope that March will be even better!

  • I’m glad that February has been better for you hun! I have to watch my dad go through this and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone 😔 I remember him not being able to leave his bed for days at a time with how bad the pain was 😔 I hope that March is an even better month for you 🤞🏼 xx

    Jade |

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