My Personal Wardrobe Basics Checklist

Sometimes I simply do not know what to wear. It didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that I missed some basic items to finish off my outfits. It was time to make a Wardrobe Basics Checklist!

First of all, let me get this clear: I don’t want to only own these 55 items. But I did notice that these are the items I missed in my wardrobe to make it fully functional. This checklist is completely based on my personal style. So there might be some items on this lips that will not work for you, but they work perfectly to me. I hope my personal wardrobe basics checklist might inspire you for your own!

This is my complete Personal Basic Wardrobe Checklist (Click on the image to enlarge). As you can see, my colourpalette is mostly black, white & grey, with a dash of dark red. I’ve made these colours the basics for my wardrobe because I wear these the most.

After that I checked my wardrobe pieces so I could determine what I still need to buy. I was able to colour quite a bit of my list green already! As you can see there is one orange item, this means that I already have one of the two pieces needed for that certain item on the list.

Right now, I’m in my no-buy march. Which means that starting from april I’ll be completing my wardrobe! I bet it’s going to help making outfits that satisfy me.

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