My 2018 bullet journal set-up

My 2018 bullet journal set-up

I’ve been keeping a bullet journal since March 2017 and I am a bit addicted to it. It’s such a handy tool for all kinds of things. From keeping lists to remembering birthdays and appointments. So, I’ve set up a new bullet journal for 2018!

I am absolutely in love with the design of the notebook I’ve gotten for this year. It has a charming black & white design, which totally screamed my name when I encountered it. I have a minimalistic style with my bullet journal. I think it should be functional instead of overly pretty. I’m not thát creative anyway. I can’t draw well, but I love making these spreads! So I keep my designs minimalistic. Mostly black & white, really. Now I have a pretty notebook to go with that style!

Obviously I started off with making the key. I’ve changed a few things this year. I’ve gone with less symbols and just narrowed it down to the ones I actually used the last year. There we go again with the minimalistic theme, right? Not really, in this case it was more about making my journal friendly in use.

Of course we have the year overview as well. The journal I ordered came with the set-up already printed inside. This certainly helped making it neat! I filled in the dates myself and then I was done! Yay!

The future log, obviously. Kept it simple & neat again. Also added a little box for the holidays. I keep forgetting those days and keep need to google them. This way one quick glance in my bullet journal already tells me the answer!

I am a goal-setter, let’s get that straight. This year I wanted to make a page for that! I have set some rules for myself: I can’t set more than five goals for each subject and they must be for the long-term.

So, this is a more personal page (which are starting around here). Let’s just say I’m a disaster at saving money. There is no denying that. But I really want to save 800 euro’s this year. Which comes to 75 – 100 euros each month. I had a higher goal last year… I didn’t save a cent. Oops.. But I’m not giving up and going to try again this year!

I’ve got a couple of these kind of spreads. This year in Pixels, a Mood Tracker and a Pain Tracker. I’ve added the pain tracker this year because I want to know which day I had what level of pain. It’s important for me to know because I need to know if my pain is worsening or not. Besides that I can have a bad day, but be in good health. So I split it up into seperate spreads.

This is the last spread I’ll be showing you guys; The netflix spread! Probably the spread I’ll be using the most because I might have a slight netflix addiction. I’ve got a movies of 2018 spread as well, which will be used often too.

I’ll probably add a few more spreads, because that’s just the person that I am. I usually do most spreads in the beginning of my bullet journal, but some get lost and end up in between months. I’ll try to do those spreads at the back of my journal this year. Or maybe they’ll get lost in between months anyway. Who knows.. The year is long!

What spreads do you think can’t be missing from a bullet journal? Please do tell me, because I am very curious!

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