Skin Care Routine – The beginning

Skin Care Routine – The beginning

I have a confession so make: Usually I’m not really the type to have a Skin Care routine. But lately my skin is getting really bad.. So it’s time to start one! 

Why is a skincare routine so important?
My skin started to break out like crazy, my make-up was very flakey and I just didn’t feel comfortable anymore. So I started to google. Most sites told me that it was because I lacked a skincare routine. It was about time I started to develope one, right? Your skin sheds itself every day, so it’s important to take care of it. It also helps to prevend problems like acne, which has been a problem for me the past few months (the breaking out thing, you know?). There are many more reasons why it’s so important and these are just a few.

How did I start developing my routine?
Well, to put it bluntly; I visited a beauty parlor and simply asked them to take a look at my skin. I wore no make-up that day, so that they could properly see the break out. They told me I had combined skin and that it was really sensitive. Since I am allergic for what feels like the half of the world this sounded quite right. After they determined what I should use we began looking for products to use. I had one big issue though: I only want to use beauty products that are cruelty free. I don’t believe that animals should suffer for my vanity.

The cleaning lotion
I wear make-up almost daily so a good cleaning lotion was very important. This is a dutch brand called ‘Dr. Van der Hoog’ and it’s completely cruelty free! I’ve only seen it in the Netherlands, though. But it’s such a lovely lotion! Just one pad (sometimes two if I have a lot of make-up on) takes off all my make-up off! It also takes off all the dirt and everything. I never knew I was missing this kind of product in my life! Since I started cleaning my skin throroughly it’s doing way better. I have less breakouts, which is actually what annoyed me the most about my skin.

The skin cream
Next to cleaning lotion I also really needed a skin cream. Once again I went for a Dutch brand which was completely cruelty free. This is a day & night creme. I put it on my face twice a day and I’ve been really noticing the difference! My skin is softer and seems to be ‘glowing’, if you know what I mean. It really looks way healthier than it had been before! The cream is also really comfortable and it dries quickly. That is absolutely a big plus for me because I’m usually on the go.

Skin Food
As I said before: I have combined skin. Which means mostly my skin is sensitive and ‘normal’ as they called it. But some parts of my face are extremely dry. They talkes about a T-zone (which I really had to google) and about the sides of my face. At first I was a bit hesitant to buy this product, because I already had a cleaning lotion & skin cream. What else did I need? After talking with the beauty lady, who was really sweet, we decided to get this product too. She told me that a skin cream alone wouldn’t be enough and she has been right!
I’ve chosen this Skin Food of Weleda. Which smells amazing, I have to say! After bringing it on my skin smells like Lemon and that’s just an extra plus!

This is the start of my Skin Care Routine. I am already seeing results and that is a really great feeling! If you don’t have a Skin Care Routine yet I really reccomend it! I have to warn you, though.. It’s a bit adictive because it feels so good! What do you use for your Skin Care Routine?

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