The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

The Lovely Jess from Jess Is Trying has tagged me for the Liebster Award! That is so awesome. Be sure to check out her post on her blog. Now, without further distractions let’s start on this Liebster Award!

Jess has send me a couple of questions to answer. At the end of this post I’ll tag a couple of other bloggers to do this tag!

What is your biggest passion in life?
That is quite a difficult question to answer. I think I have to say that writing is my biggest passion in life. It gives me an outlet to tell people my story! So blogging is absolutely perfect for this as I get to share my story with others.

Who do you look up to the most?
I don’t really have a person that I look up to the most, but more a character trait. As I am chronically ill I know how difficult it is to keep fighting. So I look up at everybody who just keeps fighting, who keeps growing and learning. I really respect those people!

What is your biggest goal for 2018?
I think my biggest goal for 2018 is to graduate from my study. I want to help people and being a Social Worker is just perfect for that! So that probably is my biggest goal for 2018. But another really big goal that I have is to accept my chronic disease. I think my blog can really help me with that.

What is your biggest achievement in your life so far?
That I am still here, still fighting, still going strong. It’s so important to realise that. I still go to school no matter how many difficulties I have to go through. I’m hoping to graduate this year and then I will still go on. I will always keep fighting. That’s such a big achievement for me.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, which album would you choose?
Oh this really is a difficult one, because I change my music taste a whole lot. But if I really have to make a decision then it will be a album from Lindsey Stirling. I am doubting betweer Brave Enough & Shatter Me… But I think I have to say Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling.

Do you have a post on your blog which you are the proudest of?
Oh boy, this one is pretty difficult. I think ‘Dear Younger Me‘ is the blogpost I am proudest of right now!

What was your favourite thing about 2017?
Actually make a decision to start this blog. I wanted a place where I could write without being apologetic. I also wanted to show people that you don’t have to hide any chronical illness. So I started a blog where I unapologetically post about my chronical ilnesses. So yeah.. I think that is my favorite thing about 2017.

What is one fact about yourself which will surprise your readers?
Oh boy.. Well, I will be really honest here: I am bisexual. I think that will surprise my readers? I don’t know. That’s a fact about myself I don’t tell directly to anybody.

What is your life motto?
Whatever happens, keep fighting. Life is worth it!

Are you a night owl or morning person?
I am totally a night owl! No doubts right here!

Who makes you laugh the most?
Well, that’s probably my boyfriend. We spend a lot of time together which means we have a lot of laughs! I think my friends also deserve this spot.

The bloggers that I tag:
Alice, from Sincerely Alice.
Anna , from Frertsu’s world
J’ad from J’ad kurumi

My questions for these bloggers:
1. What do you like most about blogging?
2. What really inspires your blog posts?
3. What place on earth would you really want to visit?
4. What place on earth do you defiantly not want to visit?
5. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be and why?
6. What is something you really want to do in your life?
7. What is your first childhood memory?
8. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
9. When are you the happiest?
10. Why did you decide to start blogging?
11. What is your favorite song right at this moment?

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