Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!

My name is Angela but my friends also call me Angiejj. I’m a 25 year old student from the Netherlands. On this blog I’ll write about my daily life, fashion, make-up but mostly lifestyle and personal stories. I’m Chronically Ill and you’ll find posts about this regulary. A more detailed post can be found here. Currently I’m living in The Hague, the city where the government is settled!

I started blogging because I wanted something that I could do on my bad days and still enjoy and be productive. Blogging sounded as the perfect solution to that! So I just bought a domain and started blogging. I believe in doing what you love and putting everything you have into it!

My style is a bit difficult to describe. I love quirky things like silly sweaters, but I also like girly things too. So I think it’ll be a bit of a combination that I hope you’ll enjoy. The best description I can give is Girly & Quirky.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog!

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